9F-PS series single piece separation system

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

The 9F-PS series single part separation system currently has two specifications, 9F-PS-4K and 9F-PS-6K. Through the visual recognition system, the position of the package on the parallel separation module of the single part separation system is detected in real time, and then through the high-speed servo drive control algorithm, the high-speed real-time single part separation of packages of different sizes, different materials and different weights is realized. It effectively solves the problem of wrapping the front end of automatic sorting on the belt line with small spacing and parallel running.

Product features

  • With built-in deep learning algorithm, the calculation results of parcel segmentation and positioning are more accurate
  • Support all kinds of express packages, strong adaptability, no matter the envelope, carton, hemp bag, soft bag can be accurately located
  • A single camera can separate a single piece in a large field of vision
  • Support RGB, depth map synchronous output alignment, easy secondary development
  • Single piece separation speed up to 4000/6000 pieces per hour, stable and durable, high efficiency
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