Six-side dynamic reading code +volume measurement + weighing integrated solution

In order to meet customers' demands for multi-faceted and all-round package reading + weighing + volume measurement, Huayan has launched an integrated solution of multi-faceted dynamic reading + quantity square + weighing, which integrates weighing and volume measurement functions and simultaneously meets the requirements of one to six sides reading.



The main features

  • Six dimensional scanning
  • Trinity: dimension measurement, weighing and code reading
  • It can process 2000-6000 packages per hour
  • The read rate is greater than 99%
  • The weight of the measured object is 0.25kg-60kg
  • Dimension accuracy ±10mm
  • The weight accuracy reaches ±50g


Can be integrated

Balance wheel transplanter, automatic labeling machine, LCD screen, single part separation system video complement system, video traceability system, optical character recognition system, RADIO frequency label reading

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