Hybrid version reading code + volume measurement + weighing integrated solution

In view of the high requirement on the reliability of measurement data but limited by cost, Huayan specially launched a customized hybrid solution, which uses domestic array camera, imported dynamic scale and viPAC-HD imported volume measurement equipmIt not only ensures the reliability of the measurement data, but also takes into account the cost problem to the greatest extent. It has the advantages of high cost performance, high precision and high stability.



The main features

  • LFT volume measurements can be used for trade settlement
  • Volume of regular and irregular objects can be measured
  • Trinity: dimension measurement, weighing and code reading
  • Complete data to provide accurate calculation of shipping costs
  • Domestic and imported equipment can be integrated according to your needs

Can be integrated

Balance wheel transplanter, automatic labeling machine, LCD screen, single part separation system video complement system, video traceability system, optical character recognition system, RADIO frequency label reading

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