RFID- wireless channel reading system

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

Huayan RFID reader has the function of automatically setting and constantly optimizing the reader configuration, so that it is in the best and most reliable performance state. RFID can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through radio signals, without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets, and can be widely used in all aspects of logistics. Mainly used in logistics, e-commerce, express, aviation and other industries RFID channel identification and baggage and parcel collection information.

Product features

  • It can be used together with bar code reading system /DWS system to increase the reading rate
  • Read tag information by magnetic field, no light source, tag can be built in
  • Small spacing, no string read, high read rate
  • Long distance, wide range, fast speed
  • Fully automatic, contactless, stain resistant
  • Labels can be copied to reduce the cost of duplication
  • RFID tag coding can be carried out
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