VICAM 3S- High speed intelligent Line-array camera

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

Introduced by Vitronic in 2018, VICAM 3S is the world's fastest, most compact, lightest and smallest high-speed linear scanning camera. It is a multi-functional linear scanning camera for high-speed data acquisition, featuring high resolution, high motion, high sensitivity and high read rate. The camera features fast dynamic autofocus, no wear and no maintenance. VICAM 3S is mainly used for high-speed code reading in express delivery, e-commerce, warehousing and distribution industries. It can recognize one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and integrated OCR optical character recognition function.

Product features

With conveyor belt speed up to 4.5m/s

High line frequency, large focal length range and extremely efficient LED lighting technology

Up to 7 cameras can be integrated into a dynamic system

Maximum line sweep frequency >50kHz

Real-time acquisition and processing of data

Integrated image processing technology

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