9F-L800S- Intelligent line-array camera

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

Huayan 9F-L800S is the fastest, most compact and lightest high-speed intelligent linear scanning camera in China. The camera integrates light filling and decoding unit, which can output bar code information at high speed and stably. It is mainly used to read one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code with fixed focal length in express transportation, e-commerce, warehousing and distribution industries.

Product features

  • The maximum adaptation speed can be more than 3m/s
  • Selection of excellent sensor, excellent image quality, image data high-speed acquisition
  • Support image Mosaic function, to read the bar code can be orderly combination
  • Rich IO ports, access to multiple input and output signals, support RS232 serial port transmission protocol
  • Support a variety of trigger modes, can be selected according to the application of image acquisition mode
  • Optional underside reflector, increase the reflector cleaning mechanism

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