VOLUMEC HD- High speed dynamic volume measurement instrument

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

Vitronic's VOLUMEC HD volume measurement system is the world's leading LFT system, which is eu trade certified and whose results can be used directly for trade settlement. Based on laser and camera triangulation, VOLUMEC HD is capable of measuring the volume of regular and irregularly shaped objects moving at high speed. With the characteristics of high speed and high precision, it is also the dynamic volume measuring instrument with the largest operating temperature range on the market at present. It is mainly used for volume measurement of goods in and out of storage. Goods sorted according to size and shape; Express delivery, e-commerce, warehousing and distribution industries.

Product features

  • Matched delivery speed up to 3m/s
  • The dual-head solution features LFT certified Lo-fi innovative laser camera technology that allows for precise volume calculations
  • Lowest laser grade, no safety protection required
  • It can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into other systems
  • Generate and store tamper-proof data
  • Realize automatic comparison between customer package information and actual detection data

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