9F-RGBD intelligent stereo camera

Product introduction

Detailed instructions

The 9F-RGBD adopts active binocular stereoscopic imaging technology, combines color camera to output high frame rate RGB-D images, and has built-in deep learning algorithm and 3D image processing algorithm, which is suitable for single-piece separation and other applications.

The main features

  • Built-in deep learning algorithm, more accurate calculation results
  • High energy efficiency laser module with precise exposure synchronization, more stable performance, wider dynamic range
  • A single camera can separate a single piece in a large field of vision
  • Support RGB, depth map synchronous output alignment, easy secondary development
  • Equipped with narrow band filter, stronger anti-interference ability
  • Factory complete internal calibration, one button to complete single camera or multiple camera system calibration, convenient and fast
  • IP65 protection grade, industrial dustproof and waterproof

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